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About Us

Caviar TZARSKY is the concrete expression of the passion

of chef Anthony Garofalo, passion for seafood excellence.

A new brand born in 2021 an authentic, genuine excellent, daughter of the Italian gastronomic culture that has been discovered in the Russian tradition, knowledge and traditions rich in history and passion.


With support of the special team of experts in the field of fish farming hence the choice to start selection of caviar fish estates, in Latvia by raising the fish in an environment with the right temperatures for the survival of the fish, protected

and controlled where the balance of the species is respected. Where modern aquaculture technologies allow the sustainability of the plants where the specimens live in a very similar way to the wild and the protection of that wonderful animal that is the sturgeon is possible.

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Quality, Craftsmanship and Sustainability


Tzarsky Caviar is a supplier based in Europe.


We provide our clients with the best quality caviar at a great price and supply them with an array of services, including delivery, creation of branded gift boxes, exclusive recipes development. 

When it comes to anything we do at Tzarsky Caviar

we follow strict quality standards. We make sure our customers only receive the very best when it comes

to our products and services. Check our collection today

to see what we have in store for you.

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